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Yacht Design

Here at Paul Spooner Design we offer a full range of yacht design services, designed to encapsulate a clients inspirations and transform them into a reality for them to enjoy. Being sailors ourselves we understand the fundamental requirements of a good yacht design, and combined with years at the forefront of classical yacht design & innovation, we aim to marry together the achievable, with the conceivable. 

Concept Design

The thoughts & inspirations of all our designs at PSD are often created through extensive concept development. We aim to take the clients inspirations & dreams, and accompany them with our experience of working with traditional materials to create concepts that stay true to their routes.

On agreeing with the client about which path to follow, we work towards the creation of general arrangements, deck plans & elevations. These allow the team to iron out potential areas for improvement and develop a design that encompasses the clients dreams.

o Client Influences & Aspirations

o Detailed Specification

o Preliminary General Arrangements

o Preliminary Deck Plans

o Preliminary Elevations

Detailed Design & Development

After establishing a clear pathway in the conceptual stage, we explore the more detailed aspects involved with a yacht design. Being both designers and naval architects we aim to perfectly combine the technical aspects to the concept design, ensuring one does not comprise the other. 

At this stage we establish a professional relationship with shipyards in order to understand their production capabilities and processes, thereby ensuring all details involved in the design are optimised for production.

o Detailed Engineering Specification

o Detailed General Arrangement

o Detailed Structural Anaylsis

o Detailed 2D Elevations

o Sail & Rig Design 

o Class Level Design

3D Modelling & Renderings

3D Modelling & Visualisation is an extremely powerful way for the client to add an extra dimension to the journey through the design of their yacht. It adds an extra dimension from which further innovation can occur, leading to new questions and new pathways to explore. 

o 3D Exterior Modelling

o 3D Interior Modelling

o Renderings & Visualisation

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