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La Dama

A 53’ Spirit of Tradition Yacht, built by Fairlie Yachts in 2015 and designed for single handed, bluewater cruising.

The design and specification of La Dama was carried out with very detailed input from the owner. She is the realisation of a dream that will lead to years of world cruising. She has the capacity for all required systems and engineering within a beautifully traditional hull and, below the water, a 'Fin and Skeg' arrangement is ideal for fast, easy cruising. The modern rig is designed to ensure she can indeed be sailed single handed. The interior design is a showcase of detailed, traditional styling, with solid walnut panelling and joinery, mixed with white painted deckheads, lavish upholstery and traditional, bronze fittings.

  • LOA - 16.3m
  • Lwl - 10.8m
  • Bmax - 3.95m
  • Draft - 2.6m
  • Displacement - 16t
  • Ballast ratio - 42%
  • Sail Area - 124 sq m

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La Dama Sailing

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